Sunday, October 12, 2008

Survey reveals how to keep downtown Green Bay rolling

Link to October 12 Green Bay Post-Gazette.

This was not a scientific survey by any means. It was strictly voluntary, conducted from July 28 through Aug. 20. Survey Monkey, an online survey tool, generated the survey results, and organization volunteers compiled the open-question information. Downtown Green Bay is posting more information on its Web site,

Sixty-one percent were women, 72 percent are married and 43 percent have household incomes of $80,000 or more. Forty-five percent live in Green Bay and 43 percent work downtown.

The age distribution was remarkably even. Between ages 26 and 55, six groupings ranged between 11.9 percent and 13.9 percent of respondents.

So, what did they say?

Well, nearly 70 percent spend some time downtown for leisure activities.

The top leisure activity was not... well … drinking. Fifty-five percent said they come downtown for dining, 36 percent for activities — such as Art Street or the farmers market — and 25 percent for the Meyer Theatre. About 25 percent also enjoy the nightlife.

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Rob said...

Survey Monkey? Geez - next time you do some research you should consider using a more robust tool, like Zoomerang, if you want people to take your results half-way seriously.